Solrutten - Aurinkoreitti

Solrutten-Aurinkoreitti Cooperative by-laws

1.      Company name and hometown

The name of the cooperative is Solrutten, "Sunny Coast Route", hometown is Malax. The company's address can be found at the bottom of the page.

 2.      Activity area

The task of this cooperative is to jointly pursue an essentially non-profit purpose.

The object of the cooperative's activities is to promote members' access to infrastructure in the Ostrobothnia Archipelago, as well as facilitate the possibilities for archipelago tourism. The cooperative can equip, maintain and manage routes. The cooperative can, in order to realize the purpose, maintain, manage, rent or acquire crafts and other vehicles, facilities, buildings and real estate. The cooperative develops and produces service, marketing, information and consultancy services for this purpose. The cooperative can also serve other than its own members.

The cooperative is entitled to, through agreements between the board and other actors, also offer its services to non-members. The cooperative can buy, sell, rent or hold real estate, bonds or other property.

3.      To become a member

As a member of the cooperative, domestic public and private associations may be approved.

As members, the associations that own or manage waterways and ports at or near the coast of Ostrobothnia are welcome.