Solrutten - Aurinkoreitti

Merikarvia (in swedish Sastmola)

Mrikarvia is the municipality south of Kristinestad. There are almost no swedish speaking citicens in here.


Places to visit:


The visitors' berth at Ouraluoto and Hamskeri 

1388: A former Pilot berth in the Öuran archipelago. The berth is small and open to N winds. 

1390: Smaller crafts can go to the visitors' berth at the Ouran saaristos ( "Ouran Islands" ) NW parts.


1394 Mericamping

There is a camping area just outside Mericarvia and they do also have a visitors' berth.


1396 Krookka berth

Krookka berth at the village is deeper and it is close to the restaurant Rantahuone. Mob: +358442735300


1399 Kasala (Kasaböle) fishing harbour

A typical modern an deep fishing harbour (3,3 m to the berth) and there is quite a lot of space there.